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Исполнитель: -‘๑’- East 17

Название песни: Be There

Продолжительность mp3: 03:49

Дата добавления: 2014-08-30

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Be There (Song Lyrics)

No trouble no care
Heaven's gonna be there
(Be there) no trouble no care (be there)
Heaven's gonna be there (x 2)
Reaching out into the night
Calling out but no reply
Oh where do we go from here
When heaven don't feel so near
But I know it will be there
Be there (no trouble no care)
Heaven is waiting (be there)
Constellations contemplating
Be there (no trouble no care)
Call and love will (be there)
Jupiter will shine so brightly
Hold a dream against the wind
Close your eyes and let it in
Oh don't try to croЯ the sea
Don't try to follow me
Cos I know it will be there
(Chorus x2)
Walk along the road
The view gets no clearer
You think you call in vain
But the angels hear ya
From the depths of the darkneЯ
And the level of the devil
Where the demons wait
To take control of ya soul
Time to wise up, rise up
And open your inner eyes up
Find heaven is a state of mind
The place of no face no trouble or care
Heaven's gonna be there
(Chorus x 2)


East 17 - Be There
Be There -‘๑’- East 17

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